Raised Access Flooring

underfloorRaised Access Flooring remains one of the key elements of modern, construction and embraces a vast range of products, grades and finishes. A raised floor system comprises load bearing, easily removable panels supported above the building slab on vertically adjustable pedestals.

The incorporation of a well-constructed and perfectly-installed, raised access floor system provides a safe and easily accessible environment in which to house critical services such as power, voice, data, heating ventilation and cooling systems. The use of modular and removable access panels allows ease of installation; maintenance and relocation.

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Raised access floor systems are rapidly installed and can provide a working platform for high level operations and a protecting surface for low-level services and installation works during the construction phase.

computer floorWhat access to the floor void is required by other trades? What effect will this have on the type of protection? Costs for management of lifting and replacement? These are all considerations to be taken into account when specifying the type of floor and finish.

At Constrata we have the in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience to deliver a raised floor project that meets your performance criteria; timescale and budget.

We supply a wide range of products to suit the needs not only in terms of load performance, but also in type grade and thickness of panels and method of panel fixing. Finishes may be pre-applied at point of manufacture to provide a self-finished, raised floor system.

If you’re responsible for premises with a raised access floor, contact Constrata for expert advice on refurbishment and replacement.