Obsolete systems

Over the past four decades there have been many raised access floor systems installed in the UK, some that are no longer available

  • USG Donn
  • Atlas
  • System Floors
  • Propaflor
  • Lydney Products
  • Spanfloors
  • Thorsman
  • Intec
  • Floor Plan
  • H&H Robertsons
  • Redman Mod. Systems
  • FAF
  • Cavco
  • Floorscan Systems
  • Gamma
  • Wright Floors
  • Modac
  • Hewitson
  • Steel Support Systems
  • Flooring Services
  • PAF
  • Metal Castings
  • Floating Floors
  • Donn

We are able to replicate the floor panels from these systems, reproduced perfectly to fit. All we require is a sample panel taken from the floor to obtain precise measurements prior to manufacture.

Presently the industry standard size for raised access floors is a 600 x 600 module. Prior to the 1990’s, many floors were installed using a 750 x 750 format. We can supply this format and other special sizes to a maximum panel width of 900mm

Data Centres and Computer Suites –

Many property managers and end users are increasingly faced with original raised floor systems that have seen better days. The floor coverings may be worn and dated, or in the case of carpet bonded to the panel, may not achieve ISO 14644, the international standard for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. The panels themselves may have become damaged and spare panels are required.

Constrata’s unique offer means that new floor panels can be reproduced to exactly the same size as the existing, finished with a smooth static dissipative surface and installed easily into the existing pedestal support grid. The perfect solution for a live facility, avoiding lengthy downtime and the cost of a whole new installation.

Hercules panel