Refurbishing existing raised floor systems – reduced cost and disruption

Many property managers and end users are increasingly faced with original raised floor systems that have seen better days. The floor coverings may be worn and dated, or the panels themselves have become damaged and spare panels are required.

Raised floor stairsConstrata’s unique, refurbishment service means the floor coverings and panels themselves can be replaced – avoiding the disruption and cost of a completely new installation.

Unlike many manufacturers supplying fixed dimension panels, Constrata can replicate often obsolete, panel sizes through its computer-aided manufacturing system.

raised floor feetIn most instances, the existing substructure comprising of pedestals and sometimes stringers, is a proprietary system and may still carry a warranty (floors to MOB PF2 PS/SPU standard) and can therefore be re-used. It is imperative that the new floor panels to be installed in to the existing grid are exactly the same in size and dimension, or fractionally smaller, as the existing pedestal layout. Constrata ensure this by taking a full panel from within the raised floor system, measuring the sample with calibrated instruments prior to the precision manufacturing process.

Tate and Donn Solidfeel – cementitious filled panels.

Constrata has the expertise to re-work, repair and refurbish this type of panel, returning them to the client in as good as new condition. A full colour range of static control floor coverings are available and for TATE panels that require a bonded vinyl, a ‘C’ Trim can be fitted around the panel edge as an option.